Leading home builders

Wilshire Grand Redevelopment is one of the most recognized and reputed names in the building industry. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, seamless and brilliant home designs which are built to perfection. Every home that we’ve built over the years stands to this day as a testament to our ability to design and build great looking, comfortable and most of all durable homes that can stand the test of time. Every member of our team is a seasoned professional who has been with us for years and has many more years of additional industry experience. We are creative and understands the type of quality that we promise to deliver. But we are not afraid to add our own unique twist which not only makes your home stand out but speaks volumes about who you are. So, as a team our goal is to build your dream home in the shortest time possible and yet without compromising quality in any way. So, the end result is a home which earns you the admiration of your friends and family.

We handle everything from start to finish

As professional builders we never want to inconvenience our clients in any way yet we want to get as much feedback from them as possible both before and during the building process. This is why we start every project with a consultation. Our objective is to find out, design and then further fine tune a design and strategy to build the dream home our client wants. We use the latest in technology to show case what the end result will be so that our clients have a better understanding of what to expect. Once we have a good idea of what you need we handle everything from laying down the foundation to finishing up the project with a professional coat of paint. Our clients can be rest assured of great quality work right up to the time we hand the home over to them.

The best materials

Most people build a home just once in their lives while a few others may build one twice. However, the objective with every project is to ensure that the resulting home is durable so that it not only stands the test of time but that it requires as little maintenance as possible. By using the very best materials right down to the paint we ensure that every inch of your home lasts longer, looks better and most of all ends up saving you money in the long term. At NQ Home Builders we strongly believe that people who make the one time investment in the best materials end up saving a significant amount of money, plus they stand a chance of getting a much better offer when it comes time to sell. So, using the best materials is a win, win situation for any home owner.

Choose the package that suits you the best

Even though we are one of the most reputed and renowned professional builders we like to think that we are not expensive. As a matter of fact we are sensibly priced when you compare our prices to what some others charge. That said using the best materials and having the best people on board is expensive which is why we may not be the cheapest but we are certainly one of the few that offer you the best value for money regardless of how you look at it. Depending on the nature of your project simply choose a package that suits your budget or let is tailor one for you.